▬▬Your Participation appreciated !!!

As a volunteer driven collective,  misFits’-for-change uses all the free spaces available around us (from empty rooms and small party halls in the apartment buildings, to the basements; or the lounges; along with  booked events in community centers).  We are also planning to use parks and outdoor premises in the appropriate seasons.  As of now, without any funding, our main target is to develop each programs and build a solid foundation to proceed further. For that, your help in participation  is needed and appreciated!

PLEASE let us know of the free spaces available around you. That way you are helping to make dialogues with each other, breaking the communication barriers and educating each other, in the space created together.

If your buildings or offices offer FREE spaces for  events and celebrations, please let us know by an email to misfits4change@gmail.com | sathyatk@gmail.com | ktdeepa@gmail.com; and, thanks for your help in Advance!


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