▬▬ About “MisFits for change”

MisFits for change – ˈkænədə |Canada

MisFits for change ” is a growing collective consisting of many developing branches or subgroups. Its objective is to engage discussions in various areas of Tamil community to stir possible social change in promoting progressive ideas and/into activities. As a women-led collective, our focus is on women, youth and children.

All the sub-groups are organized independently by the interested individuals and with the help of supporting volunteers; each of these groups are made independent and active by the individual who proposed a particular program idea. Participant ideas and involvements are both welcomed by ‘misfits’, as intervention itself comes from open dialogues to come out of those non-progressive strings in our thoughts and actions. Our notable sub group initiatives: The Dreamcatchers – Children & Youth Theatre and performing activities group; Women’s Café – women’s discussion and organizing group.

The members of misFits [who are students, adults, women of colour and workers from low income families], have considerable experience and community knowledge and want to give back what they have learned to their community.  The collective aims at organizing events and performances, screening films as well as publishing books, with annual women festivals and appreciation awards collaborative with other networks and groups as an initiative for social change.

The absolute purpose of misFits is to organize and support events that focus on creative expressions and actions which are there to move forward in making small changes that would benefit the people.  MisFits is reaching out in solidarity by supporting other events organized by networks which are similar in interests.


NOTE: As a volunteer driven collective,  misFits-for-change uses all the free spaces available around us (from empty rooms and small party halls in the apartment buildings, to the basements; or the lounges; along with  booked events in community centres) with the help of organizations and friends who are in solidarity with its’ work.  It is also planning to use parks and outdoor premises in the appropriate seasons.  As of now, without any funding, its main target is to develop each programs/branches and build a solid foundation to proceed further.

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